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Gangneung Dano Festival

Gangneung Dano Festival

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Gangneung Danoje Festival
May 1~8 in lunar calendar(8 days)

Gangneung Danoje Festival is also called Danojeol, Danyangjeol, Danyangnori, Danyanggut.

It is an ancient historical festival that originated from the harvest ritual and agricultural rite which succeeds the traditional form itself.

It is designated as an important intangible cultural heritage no. 13.

  • Location : Danojang, Namdaecheon, Noam-dong, Gangneung
  • Period : May 1~8 in lunar calendar(8 days)
  • Host : Gangneung Danoje Committee, Gangneung Danoje Preservation Association
  • Phone : (Gangneung Danoje Festival Commission) +82-33-641-1593
  • Phone : (Tourist division) +82-33-640-5584
  • Website : http://www.danojefestival.or.kr


A thousand years of harmony, Gangneung Danoje Festival

Global brand, Gangneung Danoje Festival

Gangneung Danoje Festival was designated as an important intangible cultural heritage no. 13 on January 16, 1967 and designated as a UNESCO Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on November 25, 2005. It is a precious heritage of humanity to be preserved.

Gangneung Danoje Festival with its cultural value as a Korean festival continues to pass on the traditional culture, offering both education and entertainment. It also offers great economic value for the local community.

One of the largest and best known tourism festivals in Korea.

Gangneung was once called the land of Dongye. In <Yeguk>, it is noted that the country performed rituals to God, coupled with drinking and dancing" in May after plowing the fields. According to <Goryeosa(1454)>, the people "prayed to DaegwallyeongSeungsa".

<Imyeongji> which records the history of Gangneung says "On every April 15 in lunar calendar, Hojang and female shaman climb Daegwallyeong, call Guksaseonghwang God to the holy tree until May 5, and please the God with gut(shamanism) and mask play." Gangneung Danoje Festival is one of the largest and grandest festivals in Korea.