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Symbol Mark


The image of a rising red sun displays the energy of Gangneung people toward developing future, while the blue energetic wave represents nature and the strong will of the people of Gangneung to develop and nurture it. The harmony of the sun and sea expresses historical consciousness of the Gangneung people who work hard to draw on their tradition.

City brand

City brand

Brand of Gangneung uses the image of a pine tree to conjure up a sense of peace and relaxation in the mind. It expresses the values of the city as a tourist destination, which also happens to be home to many pine trees.

In <Bonchogangmok>, the pine tree is referred to "the adult of all trees", and green pine means creation and abundance of life. The design symbolizes the high spirit of Gangneung people and the meaning of JeilGangneung.

Tourism brand

Tourism brand

To convey the symbolism of Gangneung, the initial ‘g’ was used as a motif, and the mirth of Gangneung was expressed through the expansion of a circle and a semicircle.

It expresses the youth and diversity of Gangneung by applying the five colors of Gangneung with a combination of five colorful representative colors.

The circles are patterned based on keywords that come to mind when thinking of Gangneung, and the circles represent the dynamics of Gangneung, such as the Sun of Gangneung, the lens that sees Gangneung, and movement around the spots.

Flower - Crape Myrtle


It is lythraceous and it’s also called summer green tall-tree lagerstroemia indica or crape myrtle. Its beautiful red flower blossoms throughout summer and fall and symbolizes liveliness and vitality of Gangneung people.

Tree - Pine Tree


It is a tall evergreen tree which belongs to the pine tree. It forms dense woods all over Gangneung. Its evergreen leaves symbolize everlasting royalty, fidelity, and spirit of Gangneung people.

Bird - Swan


It is a protected species that belongs to the category of the duck, and is designated as natural monument no. 201. It is a winter visitor. Goni(swan) is known as the sign of luck, which symbolizes rich year, and city emotion which values academics and learning.

Animal - Tiger


Tiger belongs to the cat family, lives in the forest as the king of all animals. It often appears in legends and folk tales of Korea and symbolizes intrepidity and independence of Gangneung people.