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Russia Irkutsk

Russia Irkutsk

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Irkutsk ciry, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia

General Status

sister city agreement : October 4, 2011.(Gangneung City)

Local characteristics

  • Location : State capital of Irkutsk in Siberia
    It is located at the Western inland of Lake Baikal and the right side of Angara river (Yenisei river stream) from Lake Baikal.
  • Climate : Subarctic climate with severe temperature difference by seasons.
    July is the hottest with temperature over 18°C, January is the coldest month with temperature lower than -19°C
  • Characteristics

    There are many buildings with a European beauty as the city is called Siberian Paris.

    There are ancient wooden structures, stone-built houses, historical monuments, and 700 art galleries and natural museums including those focusing on literary pieces. It is a treasure house of Siberian culture. It is connected to Moscow via the trans Siberia railway (5,185km), and is the center for East Siberian transportation connecting the Far East of Russia, Uralic area and Central Asia.