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Transportation Information

Transportation Information

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Airport Bus

It is convenient to use an airport bus to Gangneung from Incheon International Airport or Gimpo International Airport.

It takes 3 to 3.5 hours to get to the destination.

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Express Bus

One of the convenient ways to get to Gangneung from Seoul is to use express bus.

at the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal and the Dong-seoul Bus Terminal.

To the bus terminal, it is convenient to take subway from the airport. The express bus terminal is located at the express bus terminal station of subway line no. 3, 7 and 9, and the Dong-seoul bus terminal is located at the Gangbyeon station of line no. 2. The ticket purchase is available on the departure date at the ticket counter. When you purchase the ticket, there are two options you can choose: one is the premium bus that is larger with three seats in each row and the other is the regular bus with four seats in each row.

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Korea Train Express (KTX)

KTX is the express train opened on December 21, 2017. Its maximum speed per hour is 250km, and it takes 2 hours from the Seoul Train Station to Gangneung and 1.5 hours from the Cheongnyangni Station to Gangneung.

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Transportation of Gangneung


Taxi is a cheap and useful means to use in Gangneung, and you can easily catch a taxi everywhere on the road. Every taxi uses the meter for the fare, and the fare will be different depending on the travel distance with the basic fare of 3,300 won.

Cash and credit card is available for the payment.

Fare Basic Fare Distance Fare
3,300 won 100/133m won


Public bus system of Gangneung-si is well-developed and it is cheap and convenient to use. All the buses connect different areas of Gangneung-si along the main roads, and there are the bus lines which rotate around the center of the city and the lines which connect outside of the city. An information board installed at each bus stop kindly tells information such as bus arrival schedule and the current bus location. However, because there is lack of sign and information written in English, visitors who visit Gangneung for the first time might experience some difficulties using buses.

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Fare Payment Seat Bus Regular Bus
Cash 2,000 won 1,400 won
Transportation Card 1,800 won 1,260 won
  • A person who has a transportation card holds 10% discount from the regular fare.
  • When it needs transfer, Only transportation card holders can ride the second bus for free; it will be applied same to the regular buses and seat buses. When getting off the bus, touch the transportation card to the card reader located at the front or back door.
  • There are prepaid and deferred payment type of the transportation card. The prepaid card can be purchased at the designated stores only with cash and the deferred payment card is a credit card with a transportation card option issued by credit card company or bank.