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Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction

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The sea in front of Gangneung image
Introduction of Gangneung


There is a traditional pavilion in the middle of a lake with light mist in the morning.
Behind the Pavilion, there are high mountains and unique traditional architectures between pine trees along the lake.
When the birds aren’t swimming, this peaceful landscape creates the illusion that time has stopped.
The sound of the waves naturally turns our gaze to the blue ocean and the scent of coffee from a cafe on every corner of the city awakens our senses.
It is the City of Gangneung.

A Small, but an Efficiently Small City

Gangneung shows a new city paradigm in the era of COVID-19. The paradigm requires a city to improve the quality of life as well as to solve an urban problem. As a compact city, Gangneung gives extra space and time so that people can enjoy the beautiful surroundings such as blue sky, green mountains, and a clean ocean that creates a satisfying working environment with smart city infrastructures.


Closer, Faster and Better

Even though Gangneung is located on the east coast of the Korean peninsula, it is easily accessible from other major cities in South Korea. It takes 160 minutes from Incheon International Airport to Gangneung Station by KTX. Korea, with multiple hub airports in Northeast Asia, is an attractive travel destination in every way.

Travel to Gangneung

Gangneung has been blessed with nature’s beauty and there are no boundaries between nature and the city. Gangneung’s morning, day and night time flow alongside nature.
People promenade through the forest trails filled with the scent of pine and organize their thoughts in peace. They dive into the blue waves of the sea in the afternoon and watch the moon rise beyond the horizon at night and sunrise again for a new day.
The city itself enchants visitors with a vista that stretches as far as we can see from the mountain to the East Sea. You will find something new to appreciate every time you visit this city filled with grace, quiet, and sometimes youthful energy.

The four seasons of Gangneung

As a coastal city, Gangneung has a relatively mild winter and a cool summer. The four seasons of Gangneung are very distinct. Each season paints a new landscape that draws our attention and symbolizes the distinct beauty that comes with the passage of time. From spring to winter, come and enjoy how beautiful it is.

  • average annual temperature 13.1 °C
  • summer average 24.6 °C
  • winter average 0.4 °C
  • Average precipitation 1465.5 mm
  • Average snowy days 20.2 days

Art & Culture

Gangneung has a beautiful nature landscape that provides the perfect backdrop for the local culture and festivals. On New Year’s Day, people from the country gather in Gangneung to watch the sunrise above the horizon. They make a wish toward the sun as it rises through the boundary between the sky and the sea.

Gangneung Danoje Festival, held on the 5th of May according to the lunar calendar has been designated as a UNESCO heritage event. During the festival, people pray for the safety and prosperity of the farming community through ritual ceremonies and enjoy foods and traditional performances and games

This city is now an the go-to destination for coffee aficionados in Korea and it hosts a coffee festival every autumn. People can realize how wonderful it is drinking a cup of good coffee at the beach. It is a romantic and peaceful place where you can enjoy nature and coffee together.

Thanks to its magnificent views, the Gangneung International Film Festival (GIFF) is held in October. Since 2019, the Gangneung International Film Festival has been established and has become a city visited by filmmakers. Famous film officials, actors and artists exchange inspiration and information during the festival period.

City history through currency

The Korean monetary unit, called the won (₩),’ consists of four coins and four banknotes.
The four denominations of coins currently in circulation are the 10₩, 50₩, 100₩, 500₩ coins and the four denominations of banknotes are the 1,000₩ 5,000₩ 10,000₩and 50,000₩ notes.

Like many other countries that put portraits of important people on their currency, the Korean Monetary authority decided to use the pictures of the most important persons from our history.
The model of the highest price, 50,000₩ is Shin Saimdang who was not only the best woman artist in a male-centered era but also the representative of the Korean motherhood. And the model of 5,000₩ is Yulgok Yi, one of the greatest scholars. Surprisingly, they were mother and son born in Gangneung city.
This story explains why Gangneung city has been called the town of Art and Literature.
Their birth home is still preserved as an example of traditional Korean architecture in Gangneung city and every year many people visit it to view their artwork and writing.

Shin Saimdang
Yulgok Yi I

Infinite possibilities of Gangneung

Gangneung is a Bleisure* city where business, culture and tourism meet.
* Bleisure is a portmanteau of “business” and “leisure”, and, it refers to “the activity of combining business travel with leisure time”.
Gangneung has successfully hosted large-scale international events such as the 2012 ICCN World Congress, 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and Gangneung International Film Festival.
Now it’s making the transition into a global city loved by people from all over the world.
Gangneung will be the ideal place for visitors to enjoy leisure activities as well as attend conferences and exhibitions based on its cultural assets, sightseeing attractions, and experience hosting international events.

Gangneung city is designated by the Korean government as;
Tourism Hub City
Cutural City