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Monetary Museum

Monetary Museum

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Monetary Museum
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  • Address : 24, 3139 beon-gil, Yulgok-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do (In the precint of Ojukheon/City Museum)
  • Phone : +82-33-640-5585

check Planned Construction Completion : 2022


Gangneung, the largest tourism base city in the region, is a home to the world’s first mother-and-son whose portrait appear on currency notes, allowing the city to become culturally differentiated with the unprecedented local history in the world. This led to building the “Gangneung Monetary Museum” to obtain quality of tourism resources and new tourism contents.

The museum will be built in the existing traditional folk museum inside the precints of Ojukheon, Gangneung (total ground area 1,637m2, 1 underground floor, 1 ground floor). This participatory exhibition hall, different from other museums focusing on currency display, will have the display method and display space setup built around interactive participatory exhibition. The latest information technology will be applied to the exhibition setup to materialize creative contents that reflect the current trends. In addition, the museum will focus on characterization and practical use to beef up the educational function and consist of complex cultural spaces in consideration of the local literary characteristics.