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Origin and history

Gangneung, the best tourist city in the county where beautiful, clean natural environment and traditional culture meet

Gangneung is where the tribe of Yemaek originated from, whose habitation can be traced back to ,the era of Wiman Joseon in BC 129. When Namryeo, the chief of Yemaek subdued King Woogeo of Wiman Joseon in BC 128, it was ruled under Han, became the part of Changhaegun, and later joined Goguryeo in the 14th year of King Micheon of Goguryeo (313) and named Haseorang or Hasla.

Later, it became Silla during King Naemul of Silla, named Myeongju in the 16th year of King Gyeongdeok (757), and later changed their name to Gangneungbu in the 34th year of King Choongyeol in Goryeo. During King Gongyang, Gangneungdaedohobu was established to govern the eastern coast from Wonsan to Uljin. It was renamed as Gangwon-do in 4th year of King Taejo (1395) of Joseon dynasty, and later became Gangneung-gun in the 33rd year of King Gojong(1906) and governed 21 myeons.

Gangneung-myeon was promoted to Gangneung-eup in 1931 during the Japanese colonial era, and it was later promoted as Gangneung-si with Gangneung-eup, Seongdeok-myeon, and Gyeongpo-myeon joining together in 1955 after the establishment of Korean government. Gangneung-gun was separated to Myeongju-gun and later Gangneung-si and Myeongju-gun was integrated as integrated Gangneung-si on January 1, 1995.