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Location and Area

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Location of Gangneung

Gangneung is located at the center of the East Taebaeksan Mountain, what could be considered the middle point of the Korean peninsula. It borders with East Sea to East, Nae-myeon Hongcheon-gun to West, Jinbu-myeon and Daegwallyeong-myeon Pyeongchang-gun, Ilwon and Imgye-myeon Jeongseon-gun to South, Hyeonbuk-myeon and Hyeonnam-myeon Yangyang-gun to North and borders with 5 "si" and "gun" units.

A 64.5km long coast line bordering with the East Sea occupies 20.2% of 318km Gangwon-do coast line. It borders with the 1000m high Taebaeksan Mountain such as Odaesan, Daegwallyeong and Seokbyeongsan Mountain to West, 3 mountains to the West and Namdaecheon stream flows in the center.

It not only has both coastal and mountain areas, but also is filled with excellent historical cultural resources and tourist resources. It is the city of history, culture, education and eco-friendliness with excellent beauty and tradition.

Location of Gangneung

Area of Gangneung

  • Since the integration of Gangneung-si and Myeongju-gun in 1955, the area of the city is 1,040.4km2

    (End of 2013), which is 6.2% of Gangwon-do (16,873.5km2). The population density is 208.4 people per 1km2 (end of 2013), which is 2.3 times larger than average density of Gangwon-do (91.4). Compared to other cities and guns in Gangwon-do, it is the fifth highest city following Sokcho-si (786.8), Donghae-si (528), Wonju-si (373.2), Chuncheon-si (245.8).

  • Also, 80.6% of Gangneung-si is forest, 5.0% are dry field, 5.1% are rice paddy, which makes it hard for the city to develop with less area to use.
  • As for the administrative district, there are 1 "eup", 7 "myeons" units, 13 administrative "dong"s(39 legal dongs), 146 administrative "ri"s(65 legal ris), 331 "tong" 2679 "ban" (end of 2015).