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Natural Environment

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Natural Environment

Gangneung is located east of Baekdudaegan Mountains, 6 kms away from the East Sea coast so the city, making the region have an oceanic climate.

Based on such geological characteristics, Gangneung is warmer in winter and cooler in summer than the rest of the country. This also makes temperature fluctuations smaller than other regions. When the northeaster air stream affects for a long time, there's large snow fall during winter and rain fall during summer. Due to the influence of Baekdudaegan Mountains, strong wind is often observed during winter and spring, and sometimes it leads to large wild fire during dry springs.

- Average temperature throughout the year is 13.1°C, the highest is 36.1°C, the lowest is -11.8°C, and annual average precipitation is 1,018.7mm. < Data : Gangwon Regional Meteorological Administration (2015) >