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Hello, I am Choi Myeong Hee, mayor of Gangneung

Welcome and thank you for visiting the homepage of gangneung city.

we are proud of beautiful nature, abundant cultural resources, and optimal investment conditions.

We have a thousand years of history and culture, high-tech industries, and the reputation for a supreme tourist city in the whole country. Gangneung is the land of new hope, trying to be the heart of Northeast Asian economy as well as the center of Korea. Gangneung will be the first class local government in the 21st century, on the basis of the accumulated potentiality and advanced creativity. I hope you will keep beautiful memories in Gangneung and your dreams will come true.

Thank you.

Mayor of GangneungChoi Myeong hee

Choi Myeong hee

Date of Birth

April 8, 1955

Main Career
  • Passed the 21st Administrative Examination (1977)
  • Worked at Departments of Administration, Interior, and Ministry of Government administration and Home affairs
  • Magistrate of Yanggu-gun, and director of Gangwon-do industrial commerce
  • Director of Gangwon International Tourist Expo headquarters
  • Director of Gangwon-do East Sea Rim Branch
  • Deputy mayor of Gangneung city
  • Director for planning and management of Gangwon-do