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Gangneung Coffee Festival

Gangneung Coffee Festival

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Gangneung Coffee Festival
Every October
  • Slogan : Coffee star Gangneung, LOVES COFFEE
  • Location : Entire Gangneung including Green City Experience Center
  • Period : Every October
  • Host : Gangneung Cultural Foundation
  • Organizer : Gangneung city
  • Phone : +82-33-647-6802
  • WebSite : http://www.coffeefestival.net


To drink coffee in Gangneung, is not like drinking coffee anywhere else. It also offers a unique experience to glimpse into the coffee culture of the region.

The popular Anmok Sea is famous for its coffee vending machines. After lunch, people visit the beach. It became a favorite ritual for office workers from around the area to stop by and take a cup of coffee from the vending machines while strolling on the beach.

A small charming pleasure to be enjoyed for just a handful of coins. Nowadays, coffee aficianados are lining up to enjoy this special coffee from vending machines.

For several years now, coffee has become a new trend in Gangneung, ever since one of the best coffee masters settled in Gangneung. Since then, Gangneung has become a city known for its aromatic coffee.

An increasing number of people enjoy not only coffee, but also revel in appreciating the process of making coffee.

There are 150 cafes including those specializing ins roasted coffee bean cafe that roast their own beans. With no single global chain of coffee shops in sight, the region offers its unique take on coffee.

Major festivals

  • Gangneung coffee Eurak(Stamp rally)
  • CAEA Korea Student Barista Awards
  • Coffee & Installation art performance
  • Coffee magazine “Star”