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Japan Chichibu

Japan Chichibu

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Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

General Status

sister city agreement : Feb 16, 1983. (Chichibu City),Jul 6, 1983 (Gangneung City)

Local characteristics

  • Symbols : Bird - Blue flycatcher, Flower - pink, Tree -Maple tree
  • Location : Located at altitude of 240m in the mid mountain area 175km away from Tokyo
  • Climate : Average temperature12.6°C, Annual precipitation 1,420mm
  • Characteristics : It is famous for folk festivals such as Chichibu night festival(winter festival), Chichibu river festival(summer festival), and there are various tourist sites such as Urasan dam, Music Park, museum, the Stone buddha of Konghoji temple and famous for the resort tourist city near Tokyo.