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China Jiaxing

China Jiaxing

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Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China

General Status

sister city agreement : May 11, 1999. (Jiaxing city)

Local characteristics

  • Location : Located near Hangjiahu, Changgang river, Northeastern Zhejiang
  • Climate : Average temperature15.7°C, Annual precipitation 1,160mm
  • Characteristics

    Incorporated into Yanhai Economic Development Zone under the approval of Chinese state council.

    Second largest manufacturer of food, canola and cocoon in China.

    It is the basecamp of international trade goods, and international container freight transit port.

    The safe house used by Mr. Kim Koo, the council man of the provisional government of Korea in Shanghai when he went into exile in Haiyan, Jiaxing from Shanghai to avoid being captured by the colonial Japanese police is well restored and managed as a site of historical value. The Korean government awarded the Order of Merit for National Foundation, Independence medal to Mr. Choo Poong Cheong (1873~1948) who helped Mr. Kim Koo's escape.