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Tongil Park (Unification Park)

Tongil Park (Unification Park)

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Tongil Park (Unification Park)
  • Address :1715-38, Yulgok-ro, Aninjin-ri, Gangdong-myeon,
    Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
  • Phone :(Unification security pavilion) +82-033-640-4469
    (Warship pavilion) +82-033-640-4470


We invite you to the charm of the Gangneung unification park.

The park is at the site of 138,600m2 where you can see the sea at one view. It is composed of the unification security pavilion(1,004m2) and Warship pavilion (13,000m2). It opened on September 26, 2001, and is planned to exhibit military tank and field gun on the outdoor pavilion to exhibit all 3 initial military equipment of Korean army. The city plans to vitalize the local economy by connecting the tourist attraction in Jeongdongjin.

Unification security pavilion

Unification security pavilion is a ship shaped 1,004m2 pavilion on 138,600m2 site. There are national disaster overcome history, 6.25 exhibition, magic vision, invasion equipment exhibition, search campaigns for families separated, change of unified environment, video room, information search corner.

Warship pavilion

Warship pavilion reclaimed sea to create the site and set North Korean submarine and retired warship of Korean marine ( 4,000 tonnes) on land and there is marine exhibition facility inside the ship. The outdoor exhibition room is the experience space for students and adults to experience marine culture and national security which is composed of a retired warship exhibition and North Korean submarine exhibition.

With North Korean submarine exhibition which opened in May 1998, the marine has exhibited retired warship Jeonbukham which was rented for free to Gangneung as to recycle it for national security cultural education. This exhibition became the real exhibition of marine and unification culture.

Special products market in warship pavilion

It gives chance for visitors of the park to experience the special products of the region, increase sales of special product industry, and vitalize the small and medium business. There are 250 types of goods from 29 companies sold in the market. Visitors can see award winning goods, dried fisheries from East Sea, and various goods based on painting Chochoongdo of Shin Saimdang.

Other information

Unification park is surrounded by the clear East Sea, magnificent view, and offers a great view of the sunrise. It also plays an important role as an education center of unification and security. It is expected to be the popular spot for leisure tourism. Also, there is a paragliding site and walking trail where people can climb mountain while enjoying the view of East Sea. Also, it is very close to Jeongdongjin, the popular place to see the sunrise, and the best sea shore drive course Heonhwaro where people can enjoy driving while seeing the wave and spray of East sea. Also, there are numerous tourist resources such as a Deungmyeong Tourist site, Dangyeonggol village resort, sculpture park, salt pond, Anin, Deungmyeong, Jeongdongjin beach.

Visit information

  • Entrance hours
    • Summer (March ~ end of October) : 9AM ~ 5:30 PM
    • Winter (November ~ end of next February) : 9AM ~ 4:30 PM
  • Operating hours
    • Summer (March ~ end of October) : until 6 PM
    • Winter (November ~ end of next February) : until 5 PM

Admission fee

Warship pavilion guidance (Visitors)

Entrance fee - Note, Adult, Adolescent, Child, Minimum number for a group, Note
Note Adult Youth Child Minimum number for a group Note
Individual 3,000 won 2,000 won 1,500 won 30
  • free parking
  • Youth/military :
    • (individual)2,000 won
    • (group)1,500 won
Group 2,500 won 1,000 won 1,000 won