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Gangneung Intenational Film Festival

Gangneung Intenational Film Festival

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Gangneung International Film Festival
October or November every year

Sea, mountain, pine trees, a cinema-like city Gangneung,

Scent of mellow coffee

Scent of deep blue sea

Scent of pure pine trees

  • Venue : Areas of Gangneung
    (Myeongju Arts Center, Gangneung Independent Arts Theater, Small Performance Theatre Dan, etc.)
  • Period : Every October or November
  • Host : Gangneung Cultural Foundation
  • Scale : Around 120 movies
  • Main events : movie screening, opening and closing ceremony (red carpet), conversation with audience, Gangneung Forum, Barong Yadam (Chatting at Barong), etc.
  • WebSite : http://giff.kr


Gangneung, the city of Munhyang (文鄕- To love literature and hometown) and Yehyang (藝鄕 - To enjoy art and produce a lot of artists), is a cinema-like city that preserves and develops the value of culture and art, as well as a beautiful urban environment full of aroma of coffee, and blue sea, and pine trees.

We invite you to the beautiful film festival held in the traditional space of Gangneung in October or November, the season of prosperity and harvest.

Gangneung International Film Festival is held every year, starting with its first in 2019. We will create a film festival that gives inspiration and relaxation to filmmakers, a film festival that gives peace and happiness to the audience, and a film festival that gives citizens pride and vitality.

Characteristics of Gangneung International Film Festival

Gangneung Forum

The Gangneung Forum aims to become the 'Davos Forum Film Festivals,' where the executive committee of domestic and international film festivals and experts gather together to evaluate the year's film festivals and discuss the direction and policies of the film industry and film festivals.

Barong Yadam(Chatting at Barong)

Gangneung is a city that produced the first Chinese novels and Hangul novels in Korea. Even to this day, it is the hometown of Korea's leading novelists, poets, and essayists, and a city where various writers and literary groups are active. Taking advantage of the city's characteristics, it is named “Baerong Yadam” by combining the meaning of Baek Il-hong, the flower of Gangneung, and the story that has been passed down from the ancestral communities. Baerong Yadam is a program unique to the Gangneung International Film Festival that discusses literature and movies with writers.

Local film production support

Jeongdongjin Independent Film Festival has been held for more than 20 years. Even today, Gangneung is promoting local film production support projects to reflect the characteristics of Gangneung, where many independent filmmakers are active, and to support local-based filmmakers.

Would you like to know more about the International Film Festival held in Gangneung? Website: http://giff.kr/en/