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Gyeongpo Lake

Gyeongpo Lake

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Gyeongpoho Lake
  • Address : 365, Gyeongpo-ro, Gangneung, Gangwon-do
  • TEL : 033-640-4531
  • Designation number : Scenic Site No. 108
  • Date of Designation : Dec. 30, 1913.
  • Owner/Administrator : Gangneung Municipal Government (Environment Dept.)
  • Dimensions : 4km in circumference


Gyeongpoho Lake is also called Gyeongho (鏡湖). It is about 6km north of downtown. Small streams including Yucheon (楡川) flow into the lake from the west. It was once a big lake, with a circumference of 12km, but its circumference has been reduced to 4km due to sedimentation and sand flowing into the lake at present. It is shallow, with a depth of 1-2m. Gyeongpodae Pavilion built on a small hill west of the lake and is famous as one of 8 Scenic Views of Gwandong (Middle Eastern Region on the Korean Peninsula) with Gyeongpoho Lake as the backdrop from long ago. It was separated from the East Sea due to the coastal sand dunes along Gyeongpo Beach. The old pine forest and cherry trees around the lake are widely renowned.

While Gyeongpoho Lake is beautiful year round, it’s most captivating in early summer, when the lotuses starts to bloom. There is a bike lane around Gyeongpoho Lake. It’s enjoyable to ride a bike or a four-wheel cart around the lake. Moreover, the Gyeongpoho Lake Cherry Blossom Festival, held every spring, is very famous in Korea. The cherry blossoms drifting over the lake and the sea present beautiful and elegant scenery during the Jinhae Naval Port Festival. After fully appreciating Gyeongpoho Lake, the next must-see site is Gyeongpo Beach. Gyeongpo Beach is the broadest beach in Gangneung. It fills with lots of visitors during the peak season. A variety of festivals including the Coffee Festival and the Music Festival are been held every year on Gyeongpo Beach. As there are lots of things to see, you must look around Gyeongpo Beach after visiting Gyeongpoho Lake. You will want to visit other places, too. The Lotus Festival is held in the village of Gangneung in early summer, between June and July. It’s worthy of visiting if you like lotus flowers. To enjoy the sea, it’s best to go to Gangmun Beach, right below Gyeongpo Beach. Gangmun Beach is proud of its beautiful colors and is comparable to Jeju Island. It’s good because not many people visit here. You can also find the famous handmade burger restaurant near the beach. It’s not too much to say that almost all the best photos in Gangneung were taken on Gangmun Beach. If you think you must make a beautiful memory with photos, it is strongly recommended to visit Gangmun Beach. Lots of people like the sea in front of Gangmun Beach. Furthermore, Gangneung is famous for coffee. It’s good to visit a coffee brewery or Anmok Beach Coffee Street. On the way home, drop by Jungang Market. Buy the sweet and sour chicken from the market, and you may feel pleasant and satisfied.