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2026 ITS World Congress

2026 ITS World Congress

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ITS World Congress

ITS Intelligent Transport System

ITS is an intelligent transport system providing eco-friendly and efficient traffic management and safety by applying advanced technologies such as electronics, information, communication and control to transportation infrastructure and mobilities.

ITS World Congress

The ITS World Congress called the Traffic Olympics, is the world's largest exhibition and international convention event in the field of the transport system, which started in Paris, France in 1994 and travels to Asia, the Americas, and Europe every year.

Candidate Cities

There are two candidate cities, Gangneung, Republic of Korea and Taipei, Taiwan. Gangneung is the first challenge and small city comparing to Taipei which is the third challenge and big one.

The Role Model of an ITS

An ITS city seems the ideal direction as the future city. Considering cost and time, it is impossible to have a complete system in a big city. Therefore all ITS technology demonstrations and tests have been shown in only exhibition halls of the big host cities since 1994. In this respect, Gangneung can be the role of model of the ITS city to experience the effectiveness on all roads of the city

The Experience of Hosting the Biggest World Event

Gangneung has the experience to host the biggest international event, the Winter Olympics in 2018. At that time, IOC gave us the highest praise about safety, civic movement and voluntary service, and program operation, best facilities such as accommodations, KTX(the Korean Train Express), Olympic stadiums, and an Art Center. This city is always ready for hosting an international event with this Olympic legacy.

Beautiful Environment

Gangneung is a representative tourism city in Korea with the East Sea, lakes, pine trees, high mountains, lots of cultural assets and festivals, and local food. After the conference, business meeting, or the exhibition, it is also available to do active leisure such as scuba diving, hiking, and surfing, as well as peaceful leisure toenjoy coffee on the beach or to take walk around a lake full of traditional heritage.