Tourist guide

Heonhwa-ro Road is the closest road from the ocean in Korea. It is a beach road from Simgok Port, under Jeongdongjin, to Geumjingan River. Jeongdongjin is well known for watching sunrise, so it is recommended to drive on the beach road after appreciating sunrise. Listening to the waves and admiring the blue ocean on Heonhwa-ro Road may make unforgettable memories.

Tourist Tips

There is Geumjin Beach when a driver advances towards the coast at Heonhwa-ro Road. This beach road is a 2km long roadway on marine terrace. It connects between Geumjin-ri and Simgok-ri and is surrounded by strange rock formations and cliffs. Metal fences are built around the coast for safety, and there are a small parking lot and some benches for visitors to appreciate the terrific ocean view.


The name of Heonhwa-ro Road is orginated in Hyangga, Korean folk songs. There is a background story of the name, Heonhwa. When Sunjeonggong became a Gangneung viceroy and was on his way to go to Gangneung, his wife, Suro vicereine, asked to pick a rhododendron at a cliff of a beach. However, nobody acted among travelling companions because it was dangerous. At that time, an old guy who was leading a cattle, picked the flower and sang for her. The song is Heonhwaga. Heonhwa-ro Road is from Nakpung intersection in Okgye-myeon to Jeongdonjin Station three-way intersection in Jeongdongjin-ri, and the road has a fine view.